How to Put Project Management Resume?

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There are many steps to writing an effective project management resume. Start by listing your work experience. Include your education and certifications. Then, quantify your accomplishments. And don’t forget the Summary section. You should make this part as impressive as possible. It will make hiring managers want to hire you! This resume format can be tricky, but it is definitely possible. Follow these tips and you’ll have a winning resume in no time.

Work experience

To be able to successfully place project management experience on a resume, you need to know which experience to include and which to leave out. You’ll want to highlight all of your relevant experience – high school ice cream scooping will not impress a hiring manager. Instead, you should focus on quantifying your results and achievements – for example, if you were in charge of a new project, you could say that you reduced the monthly electricity costs by 23% and increased the efficiency of the project by 18%.


If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How to put project management on resume?” you’re not alone. Several job applications list specific duties that a project manager is responsible for, but you must also list the qualifications you need to succeed. If you’re new to project management, you should highlight your relevant education and unique certificates. This will make you more appealing to potential employers, and it will be easier for you to highlight your skills.

Quantifying accomplishments

When you write your project management resume, quantifying your accomplishments is key. Your hiring manager will be impressed by your knowledge and confidence in your abilities. Include dollar amounts or percentage increases in your bullet points, and be sure to focus on your most relevant experiences. You can also add a list of clients you’ve helped with a similar project. If you’re able to provide examples of your work, you can include them on your project management resume.

Summary section

You might wonder how to put project management on your resume summary section. This section is important because it introduces you to potential employers. If you have experience in project management, you should highlight these accomplishments in the summary section. It should also clearly chart out the types of projects that you are proficient at managing. In addition to highlighting your experience, you should highlight how your previous experience has prepared you for the role you are currently seeking.

Professional certifications

Professional certifications in project management can increase your chances for promotions, validate your experience, and open up new career territories. Listed below are a few ways to put these on your resume. You may have completed one or many of these certifications. Some are entry-level credentials, while others are advanced credentials that require specific techniques. To get the most out of these certifications, consider getting more than one. Read on to learn more.

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