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Title: Find out the Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms
Post by: Administrator on July 14, 2019, 10:28:59 AM
Inability to Maintain an Erection

Perhaps, you can achieve an erection. However, your erection might not last long to let you enjoy or complete sex. Although erectile dysfunction is not a topic that many people want to discuss, many men suffering in silence.

The inability to maintain an erection is the reason why so many women are complaining that their men donít last in bed. Although there are many reasons why a man may be unable to sustain an erection, getting aroused sexually is a complex body function. Therefore, if you are regularly unable to sustain an erection in order to have pleasurable sex, talk to your doctor.

Inability to Erect

In some men, the trouble is getting an erection. That means they canít have an erection at all. This leads to feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame, distress, and many other emotional problems. This can make a man unable to enter a relationship with a woman.

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